About Us

We offer free Greyhound pick up (8am -8pm). We also allow you to relax and use the hostel facilities for free while you are waiting for your night bus to depart.

Beachside backpackers offers all its guest free high speed unlimited download WiFi, and free use of our computers.

Midday check out means our guests can sleep in of a morning.

Hey hey travellers, come join the party at our funky little beachside hostel. We have free high-speed WiFi, free greyhound pickup, free surfboard hire, midday checkout, Unicorn safaris and much more. Owned and run by the love children of Christopher Columbus and Marilyn Monroe we simply adore travelling and having fun. Arrive as our guest and leave as our friend. Our location is perfect; we are the closest hostel to everything that matters. We are the only hostel within easy walking distance to the beach as well as the koala hospital, we are also the closest hostel to the bars and town centre. Just check out our location on the hostel map view thingy! We unfortunately are not the closest hostel to Mordor if you happen to have a ring you are trying to dispose of.

As we love lists; here is a list of hostel free stuff, followed by a list of hats:

  • Free high-speed WiFi
  • Free greyhound pickup (8am-8pm)
  • Free surfboard hire and lifts to the closest beginner surf beach every morning,
  • Free professional pool table
  • Free books
  • Midday checkout of room (you can hang at the hostel until your bus)
  • Free tea/coffee/sugar
  • Free DVD's/ board games,
  • Free activities including wine tasting, trips to coastal walk, quizzes, pool comps and much more. 

List of hats:

  • Top hat
  • Lad cap
  • Bonnet
  • Santa hat
  • Beret (not sure how to spell this particular hat)
  • Safety hat
  • Harry Potters sorting hat.

Just to stop any misunderstandings, we are a hostel and not a hat store..

Like you, we want to keep the world healthy; which is why we get our power directly from the sun via our recently installed solar panels. We also have filtered rainwater tanks for our showers and bathroom sinks. We don’t turn the lights off at 22:30. We love the night – we love to socialise. So 24 hour kitchen and lounge area are yours. Our main aim is to make you feel like the hostel is your home too. We created this hostel for you. Yes specifically for you. If you choose a different hostel it will be like we planned you a party and you didn't show up.. 

We are young backpackers who simply love backpacking, we are creating the type of hostel we love finding in our adventures around the world. For this reason the hostel has a very unique atmosphere. Our focus is on creating a nice friendly environment where people can meet other guests easily, whether it be over a beer or through various activities. We wanted a hostel that played great music (not commercial radio with adds or the same CD on repeat. George Michael does make an appearance on a few of our playlists - I am sorry for this). We also wanted a hostel with great art. A good friend of ours recently won the Australian Raw awards visual artist of the year - she has been furiously painting all types of beauty on our walls.

Finally, we know what it's like to live on a budget, we have no hidden fees and we try to make everything either free or as cheap as possible for you, while keeping the tax man from repossessing our surfboards. So if you are a little adventures, a little quirky, and want something different than your average ‘Mr Monopoly’ hostel, then come join us. Welcome Vlkommen Bienvenue Huan ying Vitejte Velkommen Welkom Bonvenon Tere tulemast Tervetuloa Wolkom Willkommen Our target market is Backpackers between the ages of 18-35. While we are happy to accept guests above this age group (and some of our most amazing guests have been older), older guests should be aware that we are structured to appeal to a younger market. So if you are young at heart, arty and alternative - please join us, However if you are looking for a more big chain type hostel - then please seek accommodation at one of the other great hostels in town. Sorry, no guests with the name Glen allowed... Kidding! But on a serious note we do not accept under 18 year olds in the hostel.​

Hostel Facilities

  • Free high speed WiFi and use of computers
  • Free Greyhound pickup (8am - 8pm)
  • Communal kitchen, fridge and lounge (24 hour)
  • Free surfboards and lifts to the beach with actual surfers
  • Midday checkout - But feel free to hang out till your bus
  • Laundry
  • Free Parking
  • Free BBQ
  • Free tea and coffee
  • Free linen
  • Free book exchange
  • Free board games
  • Free DVD's
  • Free fishing rods
  • Cheap nights out to bars

Meet the Crew

The Don

Runs the Joint

Surfer DudeHe actually runs it...

I dont actually know what joe does...We think he's american

The EnforcerImagine if Wendy and Captain Hook had a love child...